FlickrStorm. Search on Flickr with some Magic

FlickrStorm is no longer available in its current form. You can now search Flickr in a new and improved way with Wunderstock.

Go ahead and take it for a spin.

What is FlickrStorm?

FlickrStorm was a third-party Flickr search engine designed to make it easier to find Creative Commons photos on Flickr.

FlickrStorm was well-known for its intelligent contextual search. For example, you could search “driving” and see pictures of cars,roads, and people driving. FlickrStorm went beyond exact keyword search to make better use of search queries.

What is Wunderstock?

Wunderstock is both a Flickr serach tool and a free photo library. It goes beyond the functionality of FlickrStorm to provide a fast and powerful Flickr experience. You can quickly find photos for any term on Flickr. Wunderstock also has its own growing library of open-source content provided by its community.